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Cloud Essentials+ Certification | CompTIA IT Certifications: https://www.comptia.org/certifications/cloud-essentials

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Latest updates CompTIA CLO-002 exam practice questions


Which of the following is an example of outsourcing administration in the context of the cloud?
A. Managed services
B. Audit by a third party
C. Community support
D. Premium support

Correct Answer: A


A requirement states that an application must be restored within six hours. Which of the following should be included in
the SLA to satisfy this requirement?

Correct Answer: D


A systems administrator is reviewing a disaster recovery option that requires little to no downtime in the event of a
natural disaster.
Which of the following BEST meets this requirement?
A. Configure availability zones.
B. Configure high availability.
C. Configure geo-redundancy.
D. Configure auto-scaling.

Correct Answer: A


A document that outlines the scope of a project, specific deliverables, scheduling, and additional specific details from
the client/buyer is called a:
A. statement of work.
B. standard operating procedure.
C. master service document.
D. service level agreement.

Correct Answer: D


A company wants to process a batch job in a faster, cost-effective manner. Which of the following is the BEST solution?
A. Implement right-sizing.
B. Increase CPU usage.
C. Utilize spot instances.
D. Add storage.

Correct Answer: C


A contract that defines the quality and performance metrics that are agreeable to both parties is called an:

Correct Answer: D


The cloud consumer compliance team requires the IT department to patch and update cloud resources properly. Which
of the following cloud service delivery models will BEST suit this need?
A. SaaS
B. DBaaS
C. DRaaS
D. IaaS

Correct Answer: D


A cloud systems administrator needs to migrate several corporate applications to a public cloud provider and
decommission the internal hosting environment. This migration must be completed by the end of the month. Because
these applications are internally developed to meet specific business accounting needs, the administrator cannot use an
alternative application.
Which of the following BEST describes the approach the administrator should use?
A. Hybrid deployment
B. Phased migration
C. Lift and shift
D. Rip and replace

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following services would restrict connectivity to cloud resources?
A. Security lists
B. Firewall
D. Intrusion detection system

Correct Answer: A


A startup company wants to use a CRM application to manage its sales and support organizations. The company does
not have any IT staff. Which of the following cloud computing models is MOST appropriate for this company to use?
A. CaaS
B. PaaS
C. IaaS
D. SaaS

Correct Answer: D


A business analyst is drafting a risk assessment.
Which of the following components should be included in the draft? (Choose two.)
A. Asset management
B. Database type
C. Encryption algorithms
D. Certificate name
E. Asset inventory
F. Data classification

Correct Answer: AF


A developer is leveraging a public cloud service provider to provision servers using the templates created by the
company\’s cloud engineer.
Which of the following does this BEST describe?
A. Subscription services
B. Containerization
C. User self-service
D. Autonomous environments

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following cloud principles will help manage the risk of a network breach?
A. Shared responsibility
B. Self-service
C. Availability
D. Elasticity

Correct Answer: A

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