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Lead4Pass15Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE Written)400-007
Question 1:

Which design principle improves network resiliency?

A. Added load-balancing

B. Added redundancy

C. Added confidentiality

D. Added reliability

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

Company ABC wants to minimize the risk of users plugging unauthorized switches and hubs into the network.

Which two features can be used on the LAN access ports to support this design requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Loop Guard

B. PortFast


D. Root Guard

E. BPDU Guard

Correct Answer: BE

Question 3:

Which two foundational aspects of loT are still evolving and being worked on by the industry at large? (Choose two)

A. WiFi protocols

B. Regulatory domains

C. Low-energy Bluetooth sensors

D. loT consortia

E. Standards

Correct Answer: AC

Question 4:

While designing a switched topology, in which two options is UplinkFast recommended? (Choose two )

A. when switches of different spanning-tree types are connected (for example. 802.1d connecting to 802.1w)

B. on distribution layer switches

C. when hello timers are changed to more aggressive values

D. on access layer switches

E. on the core switches

Correct Answer: AD

Question 5:

A European national bank considers migrating its on-premises systems to a private cloud offering in a non-European location to significantly reduce IT costs. What is a primary factor prior to migration?

A. data governance

B. additional latency

C. security

D. cloud connectivity

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

Refer to the exhibit.

latest 400-007 dumps exam questions 6

Traffic was equally balanced between Layer 3 links on the core switches SW1 and SW2 before the introduction of the new video server in the network. This video server uses multicast to send video streams to hosts and now one of the links between core switches is over-utilized.

Which design solution solves this issue?

A. Add more links between core switches.

B. Aggregate links Layer 2 link aggregation.

C. Apply a more granular load-balancing method on SW1.

D. Apply a more granular load-balancing method on SW2.

E. Filter IGMP joins on an over-utilized link.

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

Which tool automates network implementation activities and shortens the implementation lifecycle?


B. Java

C. Conclusion

D. Python

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

Which two features are advantages of SD-WAN compared to MPLS-based connectivity? (Choose two.)

A. uses FEC constructs for traffic forwarding, thereby improving efficiency

B. separates infrastructure and policy

C. uses policy-based forwarding of real-time traffic with less complexity

D. unifies the WAN backbone

E. manages failures through backup links

Correct Answer: CD

Question 9:

An engineer must design a network for a company that uses OSPF LFA to reduce loops. Which type of loop would be reduced by using this design?


B. micro loops



Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

Which two data plane hardening techniques are true? (Choose two)

A. warning banners

B. redundant AAA servers

C. Control Plane Policing


E. infrastructure ACLs

F. disable unused services

G. routing protocol authentication

Correct Answer: EF

Question 11:

Which two pain points are the most common for container technology adoption? (Choose two)

A. Performance

B. Security

C. Cost

D. Container deployment

E. Skilled staff

F. Compliance

Correct Answer: DE

Question 12:

Company XYZ is designing the network for IPv6 security and they have these design requirements:

A switch or router must deny access to traffic from sources with addresses that are correct, but are topologically incorrect Devices must block Neighbor Discovery Protocol resolution for destination addresses that are not found in the binding table.

Which two IPv4 security features are recommended for this company? (Choose two)

A. IPv6 DHCP Guard

B. IPv6 Source Guard

C. IPv6 Destination Guard

D. IPv6 Prefix Guard

E. IPv6 RA Guard

Correct Answer: CD

Explanation: xml/ios/ipv6_fhsec/configuration/xe-16/ip6f-xe-16-book.pdf

Question 13:

Company XYZ asks for design recommendations for Layer 2 redundancy. The company wants to prioritize fast convergence and resiliency elements. In the design. Which two technologies are recommended? (Choose two.)

A. Design MLAG/MC-LAG into the network wherever possible.

B. Configure DHCP snooping on the switches.

C. Use root guard.

D. Use BPDU guard.

E. Use Unidirectional Link Detection.

Correct Answer: AE

Question 14:

A banking customer determines that it is operating POS and POI terminals that are noncompliant with PCI DSS requirements, as it is running TLSv1.0. The customer plans to migrate the terminals to TLSv1.2. What are the two requirements to complete the migration? (Choose two.)

A. Ensure that strong cryptography is applied for users who have administrative access through networks

B. Apply strong cryptography and security protocols to safeguard sensitive cardholder data.

C. Apply strong encryption for the transmission of cardholder data across public networks.

D. Protect all user systems against malware and frequently update antivirus software

E. Maintain a policy that addresses information security for employees and third parties.

Correct Answer: CE

Question 15:

An enterprise requires MPLS-connected branches to access cloud-based Microsoft 365 services over an SD-WAN solution. Internet Access Is available only at dual regional hub sites that are connected to the MPLS network. Which connectivity method provides an optimum access method to cloud-based services If one ISP suffers loss or latency?

A. Cloud onRamp gateway site

B. Cloud onRamp SWG

C. Cloud onRamp

D. Cloud onRamp SaaS

Correct Answer: D

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