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Question 1:

Which of these has many-to-many relationships?

A. Each solution is associated with one case, and one case is associated with only one solution

B. Each solution is associated with one case, but a case can be associated with multiple solutions

C. Each solution can be associated with multiple cases, but a case can be associated with only one case

D. Each solution can be associated with multiple cases and a case can be associated with multiple solutions

Question 2:

Ursa Major Solar wants to assist users with a guided expense report process to simplify submissions, routing, and authorizations Which two tools should an administrator use to build this solution? Choose 2 answers

A. Validation Rule

B. Flow Builder

C. Approval Process

D. Quick Action

Question 3:

Universal Containers uses a private sharing model. Account management is accomplished using teams and Accounts are owned by the sales rep. The rep reports to the regional director who then reports to the VP of sales. When the regional director runs reports, what records would they see with my team\’s account filter?

A. Accounts they and their subordinates own.

B. Accounts that they are on the account team.

C. Accounts their subordinates own.

D. Accounts their subordinates can access.

Question 4:

API\’s are not available for use in which Salesforce.com edition?

A. Developer Edition

B. Professional edition

C. Enterprise Edition

D. Unlimited edition

Question 5:

You must be a user of salesforce.com in order to Receive an email notification in the case escalation process:

A. True

B. False

Question 6:

To track revenue gain or loss based on currency fluctuations, you must implement

A. Multi-Currency

B. Sandbox

C. Territory Management

D. Advanced Currency Management

Question 7:

If you defined a custom fiscal year structure, your company can not revert to the Gregorian calendar for fiscal purposes.

A. True

B. False

Question 8:

Assume the Organization-Wide default sharing is set to private for all objects and no sharing rules have been created. You have two users in the Sales Rep Role, can they view each other\’s data?

A. Yes

B. No

Question 9:

What are the two purposes of the AppExchange? (Choose two.)

A. Partners can download accounts and contacts to collaborate on sales deals.

B. Support users can install the Salesforce Console for Service custom app.

C. Customers can share and install apps published by Salesforce partners.

D. Administrators can download and customize pre-built dashboards and reports.

Question 10:

A sales ops user has been identified as the dashboard expert within Cloud Kicks. This user needs to be able to update dashboard folder access for all non-private folders. Which permission should the administrator assign to the user?

A. Manage reports in public folders

B. Manage dashboards in public folders

C. Create dashboard folders

D. Create and customize dashboards

Reference: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=sf.analytics_sharing_permissions.htmandtype=5

Question 11:

Which of the following are not controlled by the Page layouts?

A. Custom Fields

B. Sections

C. Related List

D. Custom Button

E. Validation Rule Error message

Question 12:

Universal Containers has purchased additional licenses for five new sales representatives that will start in 30 days. The email accounts for the new representatives will NOT be active until they start. The new users should be set up ahead of

time to assign records, list views, and other Salesforce utilities needed on the day they start.

Which method should a System administrator use to set up the new users without sending a notification?

A. Create the new users, and then freeze the users.

B. Create the new users, and then assign a permission set with a start date for 30 days ahead.

C. Create the new users and uncheck Generate new password, and notify the user immediately.

D. Create the new users, and then set the start date for 30 days ahead.

Question 13:

Sales reps are supposed to create a record on a child object of Opportunities called Survey Request when an Opportunity is moved to Closed Won. The VP of Sales Operations has indicated that this doesn\’t always happen or the rep doesn\’t

populate all fields correctly. The system administrator has been asked to remove permissions from Sales to create these records and automate record creation.

Which tool should be used?

A. Workflow

B. Approvals

C. Visual Flow

D. Process Builder

Question 14:

What is the max length of the field type “Text”?

A. 3200

B. 320

C. 255

Question 15:

In List View Enhancements, users can export list results to a CSV file

A. True

B. False

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