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Why would the network manager elect to implement a configuration that includes GRE tunnels for a teleworker deployment? Choose two.
A.GRE can use transport mode and save up to twenty bytes per packet.
B.The corporate network includes many discontinuous blocks of IP networks and requires split tunneling.
C.The corporation’s primary application is based on IP multicast.
D.Without GRE, there is no means to detect a head-end failure.
E.GRE would enable path MTU discovery.
Correct: B C

Refer to the exhibit. Assume Router A is configured for 642-081 exam split tunneling. If the Internet Service provider was asked by the customer to provide a guarantee of at least 60 percent of the WAN link between Router A and Router C for encrypted traffic, what would be the best means of identifying this traffic to their QoS Service Policy?
A.permit esp any permit udp any eq 500 any eq 500
B.permit udp any eq isakmp any eq isakmp
C.permit ip any
D.tcp any any eq 22
Correct: A

What is the best way to ensure that IKE/ISAKMP packets are not dropped when 642-081 pdf QoS is enabled on the uplink interface of the Teleworker router?
A.QoS and IPSec should never be used together.
B.IKE/ISAKMP packets are DiffSERV codepoint CS6, so the traffic is never dropped.
C.Source IKE/ISAKMP packets off the loop-back address.
D.Classify IKE/ISAKMP packets so they are appropriately prioritized.
Correct: D

Refer to the exhibit. Given this deployment model and the Enterprise applications, the Teleworker Router provides which functions? Choose two.
A.Broadband access termination
B.IPSec tunnel termination
C.H.323 Signaling termination
D.Traffic Shaping
E.Compressed RTP(cRTP)for bandwidth optimization
Correct: B D

Easy VPN operates in two modes. Although Client Mode has advantages 642-081 vce, there are environments where it should not be used. Choose two.
A.Teleworker devices must be accessed from the central site (server, printers).
B.IP addressing is simplified.
C.The Teleworker LAN is a transit networking for routing.
D.An Enterprise application does not function with Network Address Translation.
E.The Teleworker router is an MPLS PE node.
Correct: A

Refer to the exhibit. A customer indicates their teleworkers plan to use IP phones in their home offices. The IT department has surveyed the planned teleworkers, resulting in the user groupingsshown in the exhibit. To provide the highest voice quality, the best recommendations to this customer are . Choose two.
A.Deploy all three groups with a QoS service policy, choosing the parameters for 642-081 dumps Traffic Shaping based on the average uplink speed across the three groups.
B.Teleworkers in Groups A and B should inquire with their DSL providers for subscriptions with higher uplink bandwidths.
C.Teleworkers in Group C should change their subscriptions to DSL for deployment consistency.
D.Teleworkers in Group A should upgrade their subscription to obtain static IP addresses
E.Teleworkers in Group A should inquire with their DSL providers for subscriptions with higher downlink bandwidths.
Correct: B E

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