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Question No : 1
Which database engine is used in Cisco Unity Connection?
A. PostgreSQL
C. Informix
D. SQL Server
Answer: C

Question No : 2
Which are the minimum system requirements to install Cisco Unity Connection on a virtual machine.?
A. 1-vCPU, 1-GB vRAM, 80-GB vDisk
B. 2-vCPU, 2-GB vRAM, 160-GB vDisk
C. 4-vCPU, 2-GB vRAM, 2X146-GB vDisk
Answer: B

Question No : 3
How many phones and mailboxes can be supported with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition?
A. 225 phones, 250 mailboxes
B. 500 phones, 500 mailboxes
C. 700 phones, 750 mailboxes
D. 1250 phones, 1000 mailboxes
Answer: B
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Question No : 4
Which protocol is used to exchange information between VPIM networked voice-mail systems? 642-263 dumps
Answer: D

Question No : 5
Which choice most accurately describes the licensing components for Cisco Unity Connection?
A. Users with mailboxes, users with IMAP access to voice message, SpeechView users
B. Port licensing for phone system integration, Unified Messaging
C. End-user licensing based on the number of users for voice mail, IMAP access to voice mail, voice recognition, Cisco Unity Inbox, LDAP, and email TTS
D. Port licensing and VPIM licensing
Answer: A

Question No : 6
Which two options represent call transfer methods available in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose two.)
A. switch transfer with supervision
B. release to switch
C. supervised transfer
D. unsupervised transfer
Answer : B,C

Question No : 7
Which component is required for the COBRAS import tool for Cisco Unity Connection v7.0 and higher?
A. Informix ODBC drivers
B. JRE 1.5.0_06
C. Microsoft Access
Answer : A

Question No : 8
Which three methods or protocols are used to provide integrated messaging services for voice-mail clients? (Choose three.)
Answer : B,D,F

Question No : 9
Which two types of modifications can be made by the Cisco Unity Connection Bulk Edit utility? (Choose two.)
A. groups of users based on search criteria
B. global settings for all users
C. call handler settings based on search criteria
D. change web passwords for all users
Answer : A,C

Question No : 10
Which option controls call screening and holding options in Cisco Unity Connection?
A. class of service
B. user templates
C. call handler templates
D. interview handlers
Answer : A

Question No : 11
Which call handling element initiates the call flow through Cisco 642-263 dumps Unity Connection?
A. call routing tables
B. system call handlers
C. directory handlers
D. interview handlers
Answer : A

Question No : 12
Which technique is used by the second node to synchronize the system clock?
A. NTP to an external NTP server
B. NTP to the first node in the cluster
C. None; clock settings are entered during installation
D. None; second node does not require clock synchronization
Answer : B

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