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JN0-250 exam questions online exam practice


Which 802.11 amendment added OFDMA?

A. 802.11b
B. 802.11n
C. 802.11ax
D. 802.11ac



Which statement is correct about channel bonding?

A. Channel bonding increases the total number of 20 MHz channels available in the 5 GHz frequency.
B. A maximum of two channels can be bonded in the 5 GHz frequency.
C. Channel bonding combines two or more adjacent channels to increase throughput.
D. Channel bonding combines two frequency bands together to increase operational efficiency.



Which statement is correct regarding settings at the organizational level?

A. The organizational level is where you define each location\\’s specific information.
B. The organizational level is where you specify customer-level global details.
C. The organizational level is where you enable BLE capabilities, if you have a license.
D. The organizational level is where you specify information about each AP\\’s placement.



jn0-250 q4

Referring to the exhibit, what do you determine about the site\\’s Time to Connect SLE metric?

A. Successful connect averaged 1.6 seconds.
B. Eighty percent of the Time to Connect failures are related to DHCP failures.
C. All clients cannot connect to the Internet.
D. Time to Connect Association DHCP failures impacted 80% of users.



When designing for a multiple frequency deployment (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz), which statement is correct?

A. The coverage of the multiple bands at the same power will be identical.
B. 5 GHz is a higher frequency and so will travel further and penetrate walls better.
C. 5 GHz should generally be used for planning.
D. 802. 11ac is available in both frequency bands so the design frequency is not important.



A microwave oven would be classified as which type of interference?

A. Wi-Fi
B. rogue
C. security
D. non Wi-Fi



What are two methods of activating a Mist AP? (Choose two.)

A. Use the activation code.
B. Use the claim code.
C. Use the serial number.
D. Use the universal product code.



Mist Radio Resource Management makes dynamic changes to which resource?

A. RF template
B. channel width
C. channel
D. BLE channel



What is the width for a 2.4 GHz OFDM channel?

A. 20 MHz
B. 30 MHz
C. 5 MHz
D. 10 MHz



What is the base subscription required to get started with a Mist access point?

A. Wi-Fi Management and Assurance
B. Virtual Network Assistant
C. Premium Analytics
D. Mist Edge



What would cause 5 GHz interference?

A. Bluetooth
B. a wireless video camera
D. a microwave oven



What does RSSI measure?

A. frequency
B. signal strength
C. interference
D. noise

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