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HW has a Frame Relay network with two sites (a headquarters site and a remote site) connected by a single PVC. RIP
version 2 is running in the network. A new remote site is added and HW has ordered a second PVC between this site
and the headquarters site. All Frame Relay interface IP addresses are in a single subnet. The customer configured
Frame Relay DLCI mappings and can successfully ping from the new remote to the headquarters site as well as to the
other remote site. However, the new router does not have a route in its route table to the other remote site\\’s LAN, and
cannot ping the LAN interface or any hosts on that LAN. What is most likely causing the problem?
A. Triggered updates should be configured on the headquarters router, to directly forward routing updates between the
two remote sites
B. The headquarters site router has split-horizon enabled on the frame-relay interface
C. Neighbor statements are not configured on the two remote sites, pointing to all other sites
D. The frame-relay IP to DLCI mappings are incorrectly configured
E. RIP cannot propagate routing updates over a partial mesh frame-relay configuration, so another routing protocol
should be selected
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following functions cannot be implemented using the EVPN Type2 route?
A. Host MAC address advertisement
B. Host ARP advertisement
C. Host IP route advertisement
D. BUM packet forwarding
Correct Answer: B


On an OSPF broadcast network, four routers (RTA, RTB, RTC, and RTD) are deployed on the same network segment.
The DR priorities of RTA, RTB, RTC, and RTD are 2, 1, 1, and 0 respectively, and router IDs are,, and respectively.
Which router is selected as the BDR if OSPF is enabled on the four routers?
Correct Answer: A


Based on the routing information exchange mode, MPLS VPNs are usually classified into two types. One is the overlay
VPN. What is the other type of MPLS VPN?
B. Virtual Private Network
D. Peer-to-Peer VPN
Correct Answer: D


A Route Distinguisher (RD) is used to distinguish the same IP address in different VPNs. How many bits does an RD
A. 64
B. 128
C. 32
D. 16
Correct Answer: A


Huawei switches SWA and SWB are connected through seven physical Ethernet links and are configured with static link
aggregation. On SWA, the interface and are configured in the following sequence: Ethernet 1/0/1, Ethernet 1/0/2,
Ethernet 1/0/3, Ethernet 1/0/4, Ethernet 1/0/5, Ethernet 1/0/6,
Ethernet 1/0/7. If only six ports are supported in a LAG on SWA and SWB, which of the following statements is true?
A. If the configurations of different ports are consistent, SWA selects one of the seven ports at random to be the
Unselected port of the LAG.
B. If the configurations of different ports are consistent, Ethernet 1/0/6 is the Unselected port of the LAG.
C. If the configurations of different ports are consistent, Ethernet 1/0/7 is the Unselected port of the LAG.
D. If the configurations of different ports are consistent, Ethernet 1/0/1 is the Unselected port of the LAG.
Correct Answer: C


During troubleshooting for a LAN where Huawei devices are deployed, you find that there are a large number of unicast
frames with unknown source MAC addresses. What is the most severe impact these unicast frames have on the
A. TCAM entries are occupied
B. The power consumption is increased
C. The available MAC address entries are consumed
D. The available bandwidth is consumed
E. The memory for buffering frames is occupied
Correct Answer: E


Which of the following statements is true according to the topology shown?Huawei H12-261 exam questions q8

A. Routing entries and exist in the IP routing table of R1.
B. Routing entries and exist in the IP routing table of R1.
C. Because routing summarization is configured on R2, only the routing entry exists in the IP routing table of
D. Routing entries and exist in the IP routing table of R1.
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following statements regarding MPLS is false?
A. MPLS supports multi-layer nesting. The value of the S bit of the innermost label is 1.
B. The label space range of dynamic signaling protocols such as LDP and MP-BGP from 16 to 1023.
C. When an IP packet is transmitted on an MPLS network that uses TTL processing in pipe mode, the TTL value of the
IP packet decrements by 1 only at the ingress and egress nodes of the MPLS network.
D. The MPLS label is 20 bits long and is used for packet forwarding.
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following statements regarding Filter-policy is true?
A. An IP-prefix list can be used to filter routes or filter traffic.
B. Filter-policy can be used on an ASBR in OSPF to filter Type 5 and Type 7 LSAs.
C. Filter-policy can filter received or advertised link-state information, and route attributes can be modified.
D. Only the default routes match the IP prefix list configured using the IP- IP-prefix 1 deny less-equal 32
Correct Answer: C


The ip ip-prefix ip-prefix-name [ index index-number ] {permit | deny} ipv4 address mask-length [ greater-equal greaterequal-value ] [ less-equal- less-equal-value ] command is used to configure an IP prefix list for route filtering.
If the less-equal parameter of an IP prefix list is specified in this command but the greater-equal parameter is not
specified, what is the range of the created IP prefix-list?
A. [mask-length, less-equal-value]
B. [less-equal-value, 32]
C. Unlimited
D. [0, less-equal-value]
Correct Answer: B


If a Gigabit Ethernet port receive buffer becomes full on a LAN switch, what protocol can be used to request that the
remote port delay sending frames for a specified time?
A. 802.3AF
B. 802.1D
C. 802.3
D. 802.3X
E. 802.1U
Correct Answer: D

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