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Juniper JN0-1302 Free Exam Questions Online Test:

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Which three statements are correct regarding a Clos-style IP fabric network? (Choose three.)

A. Spine nodes should not be interconnected.
B. Spine nodes can be interconnected.
C. Leaf nodes should be connected to spine nodes.
D. Leaf nodes can be interconnected.
E. Leaf nodes should not be interconnected.


Which three statements about Contrail Networking are true? (Choose three.)

A. It is used to service chain network functions.
B. It is used to program physical network functions.
C. It is used to virtualize and program networks.
D. It is used to virtualize and program compute.
E. It is used to create distributed cloud storage.


Click the Exhibit button.

After several design meetings with the WAN team, EVPN MPLS will be deployed as the Data Center Interconnect protocol.

What should be enabled on the MX Series routers to support transporting traffic between DC-A and DC-B as shown in the exhibit?

B. stitching
C. fragmentation


When considering environmental conditions in a data center, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. The device’s air intake should face the cold aisle.
B. Relative humidity that is too low can cause water condensation.
C. Device exhaust fans should face the cold aisle.
D. The temperature should be measured at multiple heights.


You want to reduce the over-subscription ratio of an IP fabric between the leaf nodes and spine nodes.

Which two actions will accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

A. Add spine nodes to the fabric.
B. Increase bandwidth between the spine and leaf.
C. Add leaf nodes to the fabric.
D. Add aggregate links to the servers.


Your data center design must ensure that no access switch can become a single point of failure. Which two actions will satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Use an MC-LAG between two upstream distribution switches and each access switch.
B. Use a LAG between each access switch and a VRRP interface on a distribution switch.
C. Use a LAG between each server and two or more members of a Virtual Chassis.
D. Use an MC-LAG between two access switches and each server.


You are asked to design security policies based on team membership. Which access control methodology should you use in this scenario?

A. non-discretionary access control
B. role-based access control
C. mandatory access control
D. discretionary access control


Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. The vSRX is performing microsegmentation.
B. The vSRX is working in routed mode.
C. The vSRX is not performing microsegmentation.
D. The vSRX is working in transparent mode.


You must deploy a solution within your data center that will provide capacity planning for your virtual machine environment.

In this scenario, which Juniper Networks solution would accomplish this task?

A. Juniper Secure Analytics
B. Junos Space
C. Contrail Cloud
D. Contrail Insights


You are designing an EVPN overlay architecture for your new data center fabric. You must ensure that the servers can be connected to multiple different leaf nodes.

Which feature must be configured to allow for this functionality?

A. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
B. Virtual Chassis
C. Ethernet segment identifier
D. multichassis LAG


A customer has concerns about various groups having the ability to easily access their corporate network infrastructure.

They want to implement tighter controls for network infrastructure system access.

Which three actions will accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

A. Open console port access.
B. Disable root access.
C. Use a secure access VPN.
D. Provide local passwords.
E. Use RADIUS accounting.


What are two types of data center network overlays supported by Juniper Networks? (Choose two.)

A. Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation
B. centrally-routed bridging
C. edge-routed bridging
D. Stateless Transport Tunneling


What are two reasons for using cRPD? (Choose two.)

B. route reflector
C. cloud-native routing
D. core routing

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