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Latest Update EMC DEA-1TT4 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

What is an accurate statement about variable prefetching?
A. Many blocks that have recently been written to storage by the compute system are retrieved and placed in cache.
B. Many non-contiguous blocks that are not currently required can be retrieved from cache in advance.
C. Storage system prefetches data in multiples of the original I/O request size from the compute system.
D. Storage system prefetches many non-contiguous blocks of data, with varied sizes, from cache.
Correct Answer: D

Which data archiving component scans primary storage to find the files that meet the archiving policy?
A. Archive storage
B. Archive database server
C. Archive agent
D. Archive stub file
Correct Answer: A

In an FCoE switch, which function is provided by the Fibre Channel Forwarder (FCF)?
A. Communication bridge between CEE and IP networks
B. Communication bridge between FC and FCIP networks
C. Communication bridge between CEE and FCIP networks
D. Communication bridge between CEE and FC networks
Correct Answer: D

Which file system uses only UNIX systems for a client-server application protocol and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) for
file sharing?
A. New Technology File System (NTFS)
B. Common Internet File System (CIFS)
C. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
D. Network File System (NFS)
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/computer-science/network-file-system

In a RAID 6 array with four disks, what is the total usable data storage capacity on the array if the disk size is 200 GB?
A. 200 GB
B. 400 GB
C. 600 GB
D. 800 GB
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19871-01/820-1847-20/appendixf.html http://www.raidcalculator.com/default.aspx

Why is it important for organizations to implement a backup solution in a data center environment?
A. Improve the integrity of critical data
B. Ensure the availability of production data
C. Minimize the cost of data protection
D. Reduce redundant data in a production environment
Correct Answer: B

What is the benefit of using an existing IP-based network infrastructure for storage connectivity?
A. Provide a dedicated network for storage
B. Provide the ability to extend the network over long distances
C. Ensure lossless transmission of FC traffic over Ethernet
D. Ensure security by allowing only localized data movement
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.mycloudwiki.com/san/ipsan-overview/

What is a key advantage of cloning a virtual machine (VM)?
A. Ability to run new VMs simultaneously with the same IP address.
B. Reduces the time required to create multiple copies of a VM.
C. Improves the performance of an existing VM and new VMs.
D. Eliminates the need to create multiple snapshots for a VM.
Correct Answer: B

In a computer-based storage area network (SAN), what is the function of the metadata manager?
A. Holds cluster-wide mapping information and load balancing in a computer-based SAN.
B. Performs the I/O operations on the local storage of a computing system as requested by a client.
C. Provides an interface to the software-defined storage controller.
D. Controls all data read and write operations in a computer-based SAN.
Correct Answer: A

Match the virtual machine (VM) file with its description.
Select and Place:[2021.4] lead4pass dea-1tt4 practice test q10

Correct Answer:

[2021.4] lead4pass dea-1tt4 practice test q10-1

Reference: https://www.vmware.com/support/ws55/doc/ws_learning_files_in_a_vm.html

What is an example of a Performance Management task?
A. Selecting an appropriate RAID type for a storage pool.
B. Removing unused resources from a service and reassigning them to another.
C. Scanning applications and databases to identify vulnerabilities.
D. Planning and architecting data backup and replication solutions.
Correct Answer: B

What is a key benefit for performing local replication?
A. Reduce the time to perform data backups
B. Enable operational recovery of data if there is a data loss
C. Provide disaster recovery as a service offering
D. Enable data recovery in the event of a site-level disaster
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://www.mycloudwiki.com/san/storage-based-replication-overview/

What is a key objective to performing continuous replication?
A. Avoid performing data archiving.
B. Reduce the RPO to near-zero.
C. Reduce the deduplication ratio.
D. Avoid performing data backups.
Correct Answer: B

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